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Pet Tracker Collar

Pet Tracker Collar

Pet Tracker Collar

Dog and Cat owners can now have peace of mind with the pet tracker collar. Not knowing where your pet is or worrying about losing them is completely eliminated with this device! We’ll tell you more about this amazing pet tracker.

What is The Pet Tracker Collar?

The pet tracker is essentially a collar for either cats or dogs. The collar is able to determine the location of your pet as well as the activity of your pet. This information is available to the pet owner on his or her Smartphone via an easy to use app. This pet tracker collar is revolutionary as it is the first of its kind to amalgamate GPS location as well as activities monitoring. Think of this as the fitbit for pets!

How does it work?

The pet tracker collar is exactly what it says really. It’s a collar that can be used for either cats or dogs. Attached to the collar is the device which is barely noticeable so it looks like your everyday pet collar. When your dog decides to wonder off at the park or your cat goes on the prowl you can track them down.

Pet Tracker Collar

Cool Features

One of the coolest features by far with the pet tracker collar is the ability to set specific areas on the app known as “whistle zones”. Essentially once your pet leaves a whistle zone you get an alert and can begin tracking them down.  You can also add multiple people such as family members, partners etc to the app so they also have access when you’re not around.

Not only can the pet tracker collar find your pets location but can also monitor its activity. These include the ability to track weight, age etc.

Pet Tracker Collar

The verdict

Here at Pet Gadget Central We believe nothing is more important than the safety of your pets. This amazing gadget is able to let us always know the whereabouts of our pets and monitor activity ensuring the safety and well-being of our fluffy friends.

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