The Coolest Gadets For Your Pets!

Cardboard Cat Laptop Scratcher

Cardboard Cat Laptop Scratcher

Pet Gadget Central introduces the cat laptop scratcher! If you are a cat owner you’ll know cats love (and need)  a good cat scratch. If as a cat owner you don’t own a cat scratch then your kitty has most likely made one out of a piece of furniture in your house.

Cats not only love to scratch but it is also very good for their nails. Give your kitty the cat laptop scratch experience they deserve with the comprehensive list below which features the best cat scratch toys and gadgets around.

1) Pioneer Pet SmartCat – Ultimate Scratching Post

This gadget is exceptionally sturdy and can withstand even the sharpest of claws from the scratchiest of cats. The scratch post sports a stable base and can be put together in no time at all with just two screws.


  1. This cat scratch is made from special sisal which is durable and attracts cats to scratch it.
  2. It allows cats to scratch at a full stretch which is important and good for your cat
  3. Very Easy to assemble.
  4. The large bass ensures that the cat scratch will never fall over and will allow your kitty to scatch away at his or her heart’s content


2) The Cardboard Cat Scratch laptop

The Cardboard cat scratch laptop gives your kitty an alternative to the real thing so you can actually get some work done!

Cardboard Cat ScratcherWe know kitties LOVE to sit, play and sleep on my laptops presumably because it is warm but that means we can never use our laptops.


This awesome new gadget solves this first world problem wonderfully.

What is The Cardboard Cat Scratch Laptop?

This gadget is essentially a fold it yourself scratching post disguised as a laptop. This combines two things that kitties absolutely love and that is scratching on scratch posts and sitting on laptops.  Now your kitty won’t feel left out next time you surf the web.  The cardboard cat scratch laptop is super easy to assemble yourself and you’ll even end up having fun doing it.

Cool features of The Cardboard Cat Scratch

Cat Scratch Laptop

This kitty gadget come with a few “slide-in” wallpapers to keep your kitty entertained and intrigued. Cat owners are also able to print out their own backgrounds and slide them into the cardboard cat scratch laptop to suit their fluffy friend. Popular images to insert into the laptop are images of fish or fish tanks.  Your kitty will be glued to the cardboard screen while they dig their claws into the specially designed “keyboard”.

This kitty gadget also has a toy mouse as a mouse! This is beyond cool and cats go absolutely crazy for it. Put some cat nip on the toy mouse and let your kitty play away!

The Verdict

If your cat loves to sit on real laptops and/or loves scratching posts then this gadget is definitely for you. It combines laptops and scratching posts to give your kitty a cyber world experience into the scratch land of fish and mice.  This cat scratch gadget is super cool and definitely gets the thumbs up from us here at Pet Gadget Central

Get The Scratch Laptop Here

3) PetFusion Cat Scratch Lounger

Here is an awesome two in one cat scratch that doubles up as a lounger for your cats. According to PetFusion, cats absolutely love this gadget.

The cat scratch lounger looks like a piece of stylish furniture that a human would buy, so it will blend into your home magnificently.  and provide a comfy place for your cat to rest.


The PetFusion allows your kitty to get a full stretch from multiple angles so they can work their claws and relieve some stress at the same time.


The cat scratch lounger is made from cardboard that has been recycled and is not harmful to your fluffy pets. In fact, this lounger is very comfortable so don’t be surprised if this becomes your kitties new favorite spot.


  1. It comes with 1005 organic catnip
  2. The gadget is good for your cats health
  3. It is environmentally friendly


4) SmartCat Moveable Cat Climber 

This pet gadget is an incredibly ingenious idea as it manages to allow what would usually be an unmovable cat scratch to be moved at the cat owners will due to the gadgets bracket system.

Cat Scratch

Besides for this, it is also a massive space saver so it would be perfect for those living in smaller spaces.


This cat scratch is tall and features 4 levels up for your kitty to climb and scratch on. The scratch post can fit any door so you can move the post around to keep things interesting for your kitties.


  1. Durable and organic Sisal
  2. Space Saver
  3. Bracket System loaded with springs for easy movement
  4. Will Fit on any door
  5. Multi-level
  6. Very elementary to assemble


5) Cat Scratch DJ Deck

You can now live your inner DJ fantasy through your cat with the DJ deck cat scratch by Suck UK.


This crazy cool gadget looks like an actual vinyl deck but instead of a vinyl record it has been replaced with  cardboard for your cats to scratch like Fatboy Slim.


If you’re wondering if the deck spins, the answer is indeed yes! Bring out the playful kitten rockstar in your cat today and keep them entertained and scratching for hours. Add some catnip for extra frisky fun.


6) The GoPlus Kitty Condo 

Treat your cats like the kings and queens they are with the cat condo scratch.


This gadget is so much more than just a cat scratch. It is essentially a full on condo for your kitties. That’s, right, multiple cats can make use of this gadget. It is made with only the best materials and provides luxurious spaces for your kitties as well as plenty of places for them to scratch.


This Kitty condo is the grand daddy of all cat scratch and cat playhouses.