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Heated Outdoor Cat House

Heated Outdoor Cat House

Outdoor Cat House

The outdoor cat house is something completely new yet awesome that I doubt cat lovers have seen before. This gadget is made incredibly well from only the best materials possible. The gadget allows the user to pitch the house in no time at all. Furthermore, the house is able to handle even the toughest of weather and depending on the size, can fit 1 – 2 kitties.

What Is the Outdoor Cat House?

The outdoor cat house is a simple yet amazing kitty shelter as it comes with heated pad and closable flaps so your kitty can stay warm, outside in the cold or rainy weather. Cat owners of the outdoor cat house require no tools at all to assemble and can literally be set up in minutes. Your kitty will absolutely love this warm safe haven!


How does it work?

An outdoor cat house is made from strong yet lightweight nylon which is also water-resistant making this a great place for your kitty to sleep when the harsh weather hits. The 14” x 18” heated bed is also water-resistant and is made from PVC material. Cat owners are able to set the temperature for the heated bed depending on the weather outside. While this might sounjd unsafe, they have carefully thought this through as the electrical cord is wrapped in steel keeping up to the MET safety regulations.

Cool features

  • The outdoor cat bed comes in three shape options:
    • A-frame shape fits anywhere from 1 to 4 cats.
    • Standard shape fits anywhere from 1 to 2 cats.
    • Rounded shape fits 1 cat.
  • Each of the shape options give the cat owner the choice of two dimensions respectively.
  • If you live in a warm climate and the heated bed is not necessary you can get the outdoor cat house without it as an option.


Outdoor Cat

An outdoor cat house is awesome! I mean, what do cats love more than cosy enclosures? That’s why  pet gadgets such as this cat house, get the thumbs up from us at Pet Gadget Central.