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GoPro On Dog Camera Harness

GoPro On Dog Camera Harness

GoPro On Dog Camera Harness

Experience the world like your fury friends do with the GoPro On Dog Camera Harness. Built with the outdoors in mind, attach this camera harness to your dog and see the world through man’s best friends’ eyes. We’ll tell you everything there is to know about the dog camera harness.

What Is The GoPro On Dog Harness?

This GoPro on dog gadget fits like a normal body harness for dogs however it has two camera attachments available. One of the camera attachments is on the dogs chest and the other is situated on it’s back. Dog lovers can now capture various angles with the camera dog harness without your pooch even realizing it is on them. The Harness is super comfy for your dog and allows them to move as they normally would without a harness on. They are also able to run amok in even the dirtiest of terrains as the harness can withstand wet and dirty conditions.

I know what you’re thinking…cleaning this camera dog harness must be a nightmare right? Wrong! It’s so easy to clean as it is made of special material that washes very easily.


Gopro on Dog Camera Harness

Cool Features:

The GoPro on dog Action harness is able to fit small, medium and large sized dogs from about 16-125 lbs.. For the smaller breeds, the chest camera clip can detach. The camera clips have quick release bases so you can attach and detach the GoPro in no time at all. Furthermore, this epic gadget comes standard with a tether for the camera which make your GoPro even more safe.

Check out the GoPro On Dog Camera Harness In Action:

Click the link or the image below should you wish to buy this amazing gadget. The creative possibilities are endless when it comes to this gadget. You can create Vlogs with your dogs, Create music video’s, document your outdoor activities with your pooch and the list goes on!

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