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Cat Laser

Cat Laser

cat laser

The cat laser toy is here at Pet Gadget Central! This gadget for cats will keep your kitty (and you) entertained for hours. This gadget is perfectly safe for your pets and was designed by a team of pet lovers and owners meaning the team at FroliCat know what pets want.

What is it?

The laser cat toy is an automatic and manual gadget that shines random laser patterns so that your kitty will run after, jump, swipe and generally go crazy at the sight of the laser beam from the device.

The designers of the cat laser toy pride themselves in having the best possible team in the industry. This team of pet-lovers and owners create this safe and especially fun toy for kitties. Their team has spent much time with real pet owners gaining the best possible insight when it came to making the safest and best suitable product for your cat.

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How Does the Cat Laser Toy Work?

cat laser

The cat laser toy can be used in either manual or automatic mode. In manual mode, the cat owner holds the gadget and simply turns the toy on. Automatic mode is similar although the only difference is that the gadget is placed on a surface such as a table and left to spew random beams of awesomeness! Furthermore in auto mode, the gadget can be set to switch off after a certain period of time.

Other Items in the Cat Laser range

cat laser

There are other laser cat toys in the range as you will see by the images below. These include:

  1. The Pounce Toy  cat laser
  2. The Cheese Toy
  3. Dart Automatic Rotating Laser 


While these items are different from each other, the sentiment of each of them remains the same. The sentiment is to keep your kitty entertained in a safe and loving environment.






The verdict?

Double thumbs up from us here at Pet Gadet Central! If you’ve got an energetic kitty, this will definitely keep them entertained!

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cat laser