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Best Go Dog Go Ball Launcher For Dogs

Best Go Dog Go Ball Launcher For Dogs


Go Dog Go

The Go Dog Go ball launcher for dogs is here! Well to be fair, it’s been here for a couple of years now but it’s worth mentioning that the people at iFetch have updated their product range to suit the sizes of all kinds of dogs from large to small. The award-winning Go Dog Go by iFetch takes the effort out of exercising your dog and furthermore,  it keeps them entertained for hours.

What Does The Go Dog Go Ball Launcher Do?

Essentially the ball launcher for dogs shoots out a ball from the device at a distance set by you and It takes normal tennis ball sizes of about 2.5 inches in diameter. Any type of balls around this size will work with the device. It has the option to set between three settings in terms of how far the ball goes. These three settings span between 10, 25 and 40 feet away. Dog owners can also set the ball launcher to randomly choose between those three settings so our energetic dogs won’t get bored. Did we mention that it can be used both inside and outside so bad weather is never a problem.


The Ball launcher comes standard with its own brand of felted ball which are exceptionally similar to a tennis balls. These balls are designed with the care of your dog at heart as they do no damage to their teeth.

The device also comes standard with a charger so you can charge the battery that is built into the device. This means that the device is fully portable which means fun anywhere at anytime.

The ball launcher was made with the highest standard in mind and is built like a tank. It is reliable and made to last.


Go Dog Go


The ball launcher has won many awards since 2014 at various pet expo’s across the world. If I had to mention them all here, we’d be here all day!

Our Verdict?

We love this awesome device because dogs love it too! You only have to go on Youtube to see the plethora of videos with dogs absolutely loving the Go Dog Go.

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Go Dog Go