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Dog Selfie Stick

Dog Selfie Stick

Dog Selfie Stick

A dog selfie stick you say? How can that be possible you may ask? We’ll tell you everything you have to know about this epic pet gadget! Here at Pet Gadget Central we have seen this cheap device in action and boy does it work well! Capture better pictures of your dog now with the dog selfie stick.

What is the dog selfie stick and how does it work?

This patented pet gadget was created with the intention to capture better pictures of/or with your pets. The way that this gadget achieves this is by providing you with a clip that attaches onto the top of your Smartphone. furthermore, the clip was designed to hold a squeaky ball which means that you are able to get your pets to pose perfectly while you try and capture the perfect moment.

As pet owners, we know how hard it can be to get the attention of your pet to take a great picture. All the hassle of getting your dogs attention is eliminated. Dog owners are now able to get their pets to cooperate when taking photos.

How does it work?

The dog selfie stick is exceptionally easy to use. It simply clips on top of your Android or Iphone device allowing you to take pictures using either the front or back camera of your smartphone. Not only that, but the gadget is able to clip onto most types of cases too.

Dog Selfie Stick

The Verdict?

The dog selfie stick really works unless your dog is not interested in tennis balls or squeaky balls. We have seen them work in action and they sure do what they say and that is enable dog owners to take better selfies and pictures of their dogs so that humans and pets alike can benefit from the 21st century. So that’s a yes from us here at Pet Gadget Central!

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